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Tacos Last Stand

The Future of Tacos Is In a Pill

Retrofuturism - Tacos Last Stand

In a time long, long ago…massive groups would assemble on Tuesdays in the streets and enjoy hand pressed, cooked masa filled with extensively, purposely and carefully marinated meats. Oftentimes garnished with a touch of pico de gallo and maybe cotija.  
This was our inspiration for the Tacos Last Stand hand blown pieces of futuristic art. Each pill represents what the future of tacos hold.  Each pill comes with a magnet and a recipe card for you to create your own homemade tacos.  

Looking Forward By Looking Backward

Retrofuturism, looking forward by looking backward, this show will feature glass artworks inspired by the aesthetics and ideals defined in this creative arts movement, a place where retro styles meet futuristic technology. “We feel that the year 2020 is a milestone in the early ideas of what our future would look and feel like. By now, we were expected to have flying cars, our homes populated with uni-tasking robots, and be vacationing on Mars. In some ways, technology has moved beyond what futurists predicted, but in others, we have not moved as far as was anticipated.” says gallery director Tiffany Ackerman. Nationally recognized exhibiting artists include: Rik Allen, Eoin Breadon, Mike da Ponte, Jason Chakravarty & Jennifer Caldwell, Andy Schultz, Brook F. White, Jr., Paul Nelson, Steven Ciezski, and Adam Haigh.

Blown, flameworked, fused and enameled glass by Jason Chakravarty, Jennifer Caldwell and painted by IG:galacticturkey. This work will be a part of a group exhibition on display now through August 28 at Flame Run Gallery in Louisville, Kentucky www.flamerun.com Please tag us in your Taco pics IG:jcsquared.shop

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